Nobody prepared me for training during a pandemic

Healthcare System Preparedness and Response

Many people around the world have been racing to stores to stockpile goods like toilet paper and pasta as coronavirus aka COVID cases continue to rise.

Whether you've been personally touched by coronavirus or not, it is well-advised to at least be prepared with the essentials. The site also advises periodic checks of any prescription drugs to ensure a continuous supply and a refill of any nonprescription drugs like pain relievers, cough, and cold medicines.

That's understandable — in her two decades as a pandemic planner, Phelps has learned that when people or companies don't develop a plan about what they actually need in advance, the "natural kind of response" is to buy things they don't need and will end up never using.

Concerned about COVID-19?

People without a plan or a grocery list typically throw random items in the cart that they normally don't eat to feel more secure, Phelps says. Not stuff that just because it was there and you think, 'oh, gosh, maybe this would be good. But the reality is that if you're not sick, or caring for someone who is sick, or flying, you don't need to wear one.

Phelps says most people are going crazy with buying all sorts of cleaning supplies, wipes and special hand sanitizers to combat the spread of the virus. While it will stain some things and you can't use it on everything, you can use it in your bathroom and on your doorknobs and stuff like that. So you don't really need fancy cleaning stuff. Should you skip the gym or a workout class because of the coronavirus outbreak? CDC says Americans need to prepare for coronavirus now — here's what you can do.

Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox. All Rights Reserved. Skip Navigation. An abandoned shopping trolley sits next to almost empty shelves in a grocery store in Milan, Italy, on Tuesday, Feb. Italy appears never far from a recession, and the spread of the coronavirus may just tip it back into the danger zone.

I need a mask,'" Phelps says. But she says all you really need is some bleach and hand soap to clean and disinfect your home. VIDEO Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus. Squawk Box.

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Follow Us. Terms of Service Contact.Not in his baseball career, which was on shaky ground until he took a chance on himself by playing in Korea.

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And certainly not in fatherhood, which began in the scariest fashion imaginable when his daughter, Monroe, was born with a rare condition that required open-heart surgeries before she was even a week old. Instead of taking the ball every five days for the Milwaukee Brewers, who brought him back to the U. Lindblom was preparing to face the Colorado Rockies in a Cactus League game on March 12 when Major League Baseball announced it was suspending spring training and delaying the start of the regular season.

Staying in shape was a challenge but manageable. Like everyone in baseball, Lindblom is still adjusting to the various protocols put in place to keep players, coaches and staff healthy during the pandemic. In the aftermath of her surgeries, the Lindbloms had to take many of the same precautions being urged around the globe now, like minimizing exposure and contact and frequent hand washing.

But the way his teammates have bought into those protocols is what makes him feel comfortable and safe going home to his family each night. It was a touching moment, but also an important reminder of why all of these precautions have been necessary.

Lindblom joked that Greene might be relying too much on a pitch-tracker, which the Brewers have been showing on the scoreboard during their series of scrimmages.

He did take some advice, though, from bench coach Pat Murphy, who suggested Greene may want to add a little punch to his strike-three call. The Brewers will play another controlled scrimmage Sunday but are planning to increase the competition level next week, playing more standard games as they work toward their lone exhibition game on July 22 against the White Sox in Chicago. Sign up now to get the most recent coronavirus headlines and other important local and national news sent to your email inbox daily.

With only two weeks until the season starts, Brewers general manager David Stearns says the team is prepared for any possibility.

Hard-throwing left-hander Josh Hader says situations will stoke his competitive fire in the upcoming fan-less baseball season. Milwaukee will open on Friday, July 24, against Chicago in a nationally televised game at Wrigley Field. Both players are asymptomatic and are expected to return to the team at some time during camp.

The Brewers will play games in front of empty stands this summer but as they gathered at Miller Park Saturday for the first workout of Summer Camp, they were greeted by a scoreboard full of familiar faces.

Ryan Braun knows he'll be fresher at the end of this season than he would be after a game schedule. The NL also is adopting the DH, a move that could help lengthen his career. Protective face coverings won't be out of sight when Major League Baseball resumes in less than two weeks.

Some players and coaches are planning to wear them on the field. After reaching the National League Championship Series in and falling in the NL wild-card game last year, the Brewers are seeking an unprecedented third straight playoff berth during this unusual game season. Log In Become a Member. Dashboard Logout. Life experience prepared Brewers' Josh Lindblom how to live during a pandemic. Share this. You have run out of free articles. You can support our newsroom by joining at our lowest rate!

Already a subscriber? Log in or Activate your account. No thanks, return to homepage. Subscribers can log in for unlimited digital access. No easy job. Sign up! Related to this story. Major League Baseball.One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and others from Covid is to simply stay home.

nobody prepared me for training during a pandemic

But summer is in full swing, and Fourth of July weekend is here. Though the safest thing to do may be to put your travel plans on hold, for those who are going to travel, experts agree that traveling by car is a safer option when it comes to Covid transmission.

Medical residency is always hard; now 38,000 trainees are starting during a pandemic

Goff says these are the most important "tools" to keep in your car, so you can be prepared if you have to go to a rest stop or head out in public:. It would be unwise to travel to a place where there are lots of Covid infections, Dr. What type of dining is available? Are you going to have to quarantine for 14 days when you arrive there? And travelers arriving to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut from certain states with increased infections will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

You should also think about worst-case scenarios, Castel says. New research suggests that Covid aerosols can spread into the air when you flush a toilet. In a public bathroom, when many people are using the stalls one after another, and toilets don't have lids, this could be a concern.

The main difference now is that you should wear a mask in a rest stop or public bathroom and maintain physical distance from other people in line for the toilets. Don't spend more than 10 minutes in the bathroom, and touch as few surfaces as you can, Dr. Use your foot to flush the toilet and consider using a physical barrier, such as a paper towel or glove, that you can throw away when using the faucet handles, Goff says. Keep in mind that gloves can give you a false sense of securityand you may accidentally contaminate yourself when removing the gloves, Lighter says.

Wash your hands appropriately with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer before you get into your car. Studies suggest that it's more effective to use a towel to dry your hands instead of the automatic hand dryer, which can spread particles further. Of course, that may not be possible on a long road trip, so the bottom line is to be efficient and careful. The gas pump is a high-touch surface, so Goff recommends wearing disposable gloves when you get gas.

The goal is to have a barrier between your hands and the gas pump, so you don't have to use your bare hand. Put the gloves on with your mask before you exit your car, then properly remove the gloves from the inside out, being careful not to touch the contaminated outside of the gloves when you're finished and throw them away, Goff says. Apply hand sanitizer when you're back in the car. Finally, you should also pay for your gas at the pump rather than inside, so you can decrease your interactions with other people, Goff says.

Or wear a mask if you must go inside or interact with a gas station attendant, Cinti says.As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to run rampant, across the world packaged goods are in high demand. What changes are we seeing in the consumption of packaged foods during the pandemic? From the information available, it would seem that the Covid crisis will be directly affecting us all across the world in some or other way for at least the next six months.

nobody prepared me for training during a pandemic

Apart from high demand for packaged dry foods like pasta and other foods with extended shelf life, what we will see is a focus on packaged fresh food in supermarkets. Consumers will be skeptical about any food not wrapped, especially foods where the skin is eaten, for example, tomatoes. We are also seeing that in many countries around the world, and probably more in developed countries, an uptake in meal-kit subscription and home delivery services.

Some countries tell me this market sector is busier more than ever.

Coronavirus stockpiling: Don't waste your money on these items, according to a pandemic planner

Here too, packaging plays a vital role in ensuring food is properly protected in the journey from supplier to consumer. Is it possible that packaging will become more valued by consumers in the post-Covid world? I have no doubt that packaging will become even more important in the months and years ahead. Along with the importance and significance of packaging, will be more of an awareness by consumers in their appreciation for what we have.

Our selfish attitudes will change, and our environment will no longer be taken for granted, simply because we have awoken to realize how fragile life is.

nobody prepared me for training during a pandemic

There will be a greater reliance on the assumption that all packaged food is safe, like pharmaceuticals, and we who are involved [the packaging industry] had better ensure that food safety more stringently than ever before.

Through the Covid crisis, society would have learnt more about good principles in food buying during a pandemic, where we buy only what is important and ensure that we use all of it. Food wastage, I believe, will decrease in developed countries. Our buying trends will change for the better, beyond Covid We will buy less, probably more often, to ensure freshness and less wastage.

Reports from some markets are that reusable packaging drinking cups and reusable shopping bags is being shunned for hygiene reasons. Will this change the view on single-use packaging? There is no doubt that personal hygiene will be more evident post pandemic, and here we can learn a significant amount from our Japanese counterparts. Their culture is one of paramount personal hygiene.

No hand shaking, often when out in the streets they wear masks, as a matter of course they maintain social distancing, they carry wet tissue packets to clean their hands, and there are always sanitizers in public toilets. Washing hands regularly is part of their culture.

There will be a focus into the future on hygiene, and reusable shopping bags could well carry germs from the home into the marketplace, where it will be near food.

Cups brought from home may well be carrying viruses, so I can see Keep Cups, in the short term, disappearing from our landscape. Any final thoughts? I believe that from situations like this pandemic, which is disastrous in every sense of the word, good things can come. We see how fragile our human existence is. Nobody saw this coming, and nobody was prepared for it. The home isolation has created an awareness of those around us, how precious and important our family is, how important our neighbors are, and how much we need and rely on our friends and colleagues.

We now care more about the neighborhood, have more respect for one another, and are more forgiving, more compassionate and more empathetic to others.

This pandemic is a leveler, every person on earth is affected by it, irrespective of who or what you are. When life returns to normal, post pandemic, this period of spending more focussed time with our loved ones has to have a positive effective on how we conduct business and our lives in the future. It is something that I look forward to.

World Packaging Organisation president Pierre Pienaar to share his views on the role of packaging in a pandemic.Among others, the U. Trump deflected the blame when asked about the lack of coronavirus tests and medical supplies to deal with the pandemic. Nobody has ever seen anything like this before. But experts have warned for years about the danger of a major, potentially catastrophic outbreak of global disease, and some have sounded the alarm that the United States was not prepared to cope with it.

I fear the answer is no. After the novel coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, China, last December and spread around the world, Trump consistently sought to downplay the danger to the United States, likening coronavirus to the flu and expressing confidence that it could go away once the weather warmed up.

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Only recently has the president begun referring to it as a major problem for the U. Marc Lipsitchan epidemiology professor at Harvard University, told us that there was plenty of evidence that a disease of this kind posed a serious threat and that the notion that it could not be foreseen is off base. This was foreseeable, and foreseen, weeks and months ago, and only now is the White House coming out of denial and heading straight into saying it could not have been foreseen.

One of the possible scenarios sketched out included a fast-spreading global disease leading some countries to impose travel bans. The U. Skip to content FactCheck.Lou Hernandez, right, the new Illinois football head strength and conditioning coach, talks with Head Coach Lovie Smith in the football recruiting lounge at Memorial Stadium Friday, Feb. Hernandez shared a photo of him wearing his mask on Twitter last week.

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Blue mask. The message he shared along with the photo? Hernandez and his football strength staff are trying to lead by example with student-athletes back on campus and working out during the COVID pandemic.

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Mask wearing and social distancing is a daily conversation at Ubben Basketball Complex. The Illini coaches, Brad Underwood included, are doing their own leading by example, too. I can control those things a little bit. What goes on in our practice facility has been remarkable. The Illinois football team is a month into its return.

The Illini basketball team started later, but Underwood said he expects to be at full strength by the end of this week with Monday marking the first day for the resumption of some basketball-specific workouts. The protocols and procedures are different than anything the Illinois student-athletes and coaches have ever had to contend with before.

It can be challenging. They share the majority of their time together in the locker room and in the weight room and in meeting rooms and on the football field. Once you get back around your people again, you follow the rules to do what you need to do.

Full buy-in from each respective team is the way through the pandemic.

Training nurses for the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic

We have to have some sacrifice in this and skin in the game to play and stay out of quarantine and stay away from COVID. Who would I be to be that guy, to tell them not to go and then I go do something like that? I hope not just our players, but I hope everybody in the area and everybody around the country could do it. His email is srichey news-gazette. Scott Richey is a reporter covering college basketball at The News-Gazette. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Edit Article Add New Article. Toggle navigation. Breaking News. Friday coronavirus update No. Buy Now. Listen to this article. Author twitter Author email. Latest News. All Podcasts Illini Podcasts. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Most Popular. Articles Articles Arrests made in reported explosions near Catlin Unit 4 adjusts plans for in-person schooling Wednesday's coronavirus updates: New Pritzker plan for surge includes rollbacks by region; Champaign County adds 11 cases 77 years later, missing Champaign Marine's remains recovered Former Urbana resident indicted for child pornography Kaitlyn 'Katie' Clifton Hail's impact felt at Savoy car dealership Salvation Army closing thrift store for good From the newsroom: A note about booking mug shots Second judge orders man accused of inciting riot at mall jailed pending trial.Camps are officially open on July 13, giving the Islanders - and the other 23 teams competing in the league's coronavirus-adjusted playoff - two weeks to get in shape before travelling to their respective hub cities on July The NHL has been on pause since March 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lamoriello said that his players, both the ones voluntarily skating at Northwell Health Ice Center and working out in their respective home cities, have done their part by staying in shape during the pause. The same goes for his coaching and support staff for communicating with and preparing the players for their eventual return.

Lamoriello also said he doesn't anticipate any players opting out of the Return to Play Plan. Isles Skate as Phase 2 Opens. Playoff Seeding Info. Trotz noted that nothing has been normal about the past four months and training camp will be no exception. While the Islanders invited 70 players to main camp in September, only 30 skaters forwards and defensemen will be in attendance Monday, though teams are permitted an unlimited number of goalies. There will be daily temperature and symptom checks, as part of the league's COVID testing protocols and instead of starting with three on-ice groups, the Isles will start with two.

The focus of camp will be different too. Instead of teaching a new system, the priorities are conditioning, execution and transitioning into a playoff mindset. Trotz anticipates using the first few days to gauge his team's fitness and readiness.

We have a mature team and a team that relies on each other and understands the importance of structure and all of those different elements of the team game. Trotz and Lamoriello both stressed that they'll enter camp with no preconceived notions on the final roster and roles. While there isn't a lot of external competition in the form of PTOs, or free agents, there will be battles for spots and roles internally, especially with a fully-healthy squad.

Trotz also said he hadn't decided on an Aug. I think there's going to be some opportunity as well for some guys who can grab a spot. Maybe they've been injured or didn't have the year that they thought. They can grab some ice time.

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We're going to go into that first game with the knowledge of some of the past, the knowledge of the present and what we see and the knowledge of what we need to beat the Panthers and try to have all the boxes checked for all the roles we have on our team and all the things we may encounter.

Exhibition games are slated to take place on Julybefore the best-of-five Stanley Cup Qualifying Round begins on Aug. The Islanders and Florida Panthers, their opponents in the qualifier, are scheduled to play on Aug. There's not a lot of time between now and then and no team will have the benefit of an game season to work out the kinks and rev up. Trotz said turning on that playoff mentality will be crucial.