Miata itb tps

Before you start tuning the acceleration enrichment, make sure your VE tables are dialed in. Adding a correctly tuned amount of acceleration enrichment to an incorrectly tuned fuel table is still going to result in an incorrect amount of fuel.

The standard AE under the Acceleration Wizard can be thought of like the accelerator pump on a carb, which shoots in some extra fuel when you suddenly hit the throttle to compensate for the massive influx of air when you open the throttle blades. The goal is to compensate for this influx of air for an instant during that transient until the the transient is over and the VE tables are again providing the proper amount of fueling.

These are the minimum amount of change of TPS position or MAP pressure reading, respectively, that are needed to trigger acceleration enrichment. Faster movements will have a higher number reading.

Getting this dialed in can be done methodically, or by trial and error. I prefer a little method to my madness. Ideally this is done on a dyno. Then you can stop the datalogging and load this log up into MegaLogViewer.

You can set another to TPS to show you what throttle position you were at as well. Accel, Decel, Bit 7, and Bit 8. Next look at the datalog section of the car idling. The TPS signal should be rock solid, no movement.

miata itb tps

Note this setting is also the same setting you should use for your lowest slowest rate of change TPSdot or MAPdot field in the next section. The chart has an X and Y axis. This is the first thing you want to adjust to set your available set points up for that slow, medium, mid-fast, and fast rates.

With the latter codes, a TPSdot value of would mean going all the way from closed to open in one second. This is how much extra pulsewidth will be commanded from the injectors to compensate for the throttle position change Note that MS3 has a slightly different PW adder — the MS3 uses a percentage of Required Fuel instead of an absolute number, making the AE stay the same when you change injectors.

More about this later. You can drag the blue dots around to move these points adjusting both the rate and the PW at the same time, or you can click the small buttom just to the top right of the table … to edit the values directly. Is it going lean or rich? The feel is more important than looking for perfect numbers. Setup basic AE first as described here. Repeat the process for the medium speed tip in, then the mid-fast, then the fast.

Did you have your AE dialed in until you changed your injectors?The outer ring of holes is read by an optical sensor and then sent across a wire to the ECU and referred to as the CKP signal.

Likewise the inner ring with two holes is also read by an optical sensor, sent across a wire to the ECU and is referred to as the CMP signal. Some years used a Hall effect signal instead of an optical sensor, with a pair of stamped steel trigger wheels. Although this one looks different, the signals are the same from an electrical standpoint. All of my MS-II ready relay cables have this wire in place. Then use needle-nose to hold the resistor lead to pin 11 and solder it to the pin. Do not connect to the leg of D9 itself — you will be using a small hole in between D9 and R Once again raise this just enough off of the PCB to prevent it from shorting with any of the leads sticking out on the board.

Solder a length of wire to a 0. The second hole from the bottom on the JP1 header is a good ground point. First off when you build up the PCB3.

Then use needle-nose pliers to hold the resistor lead to pin 11 and solder it to the pin. Skip the Spark output section below as well as the ignition and dwell settings. Now comes the fun parts… wire up the injectors! If you use new injector connectors and new wiring from the MegaSquirt it will be easy to swap from factory ECU control of the injectors to MegaSquirt control and back if you need to while you work out your tuning. All versions wiring diagrams can be found here.

Decision time— use the stock ignitors or use dual BIP coil drivers. The above info is for the PCBv3.

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For a V3. And you should enable Dwell Control. This way, whatever timing Megasquirt is commanding is actually happening. These should get you very close if not right on….

miata itb tps

Based on the cars when using the mods described on this page. If you are using different ignition modifications that what is described on this page these settings may need to be different. Proper dwell settings are very important as well. These should only be used as base maps and tuning will be required for your car!

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Do not just load these and go for a WOT run! Miata Ignition Advance Map. These settings were carefully selected on a vehicle using a scope, and daily driven for a couple of weeks. They should work pretty well for you.

This is as simple as unplugging the ignitor sflashing the firmware, reloading your.

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The software calls this 4G63 mode as this is also used on the Mitsubishi 4G The potential trouble spot can happen if you mix and match write-ups. This article uses a different pinout for the MS2 than the MS1. Bend the other end to JS10 and solder it in place. When modifying the V3. Put the JP1 jumper in the position, and J1 in the position. Solder a 1K resistor in the R57 slot, above JP1. This will condition the board to use the stock ignitors and coil packs.

Take each resistor and cut off all but about an inch lead on each side, hook both ends and loop them around the pins that were already soldered.USPS shipments from our warehouse may be slightly delayed. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ships for free. The stock throttle position sensor on the original 1. It's really just two switches, one for idle and one for wide open throttle.

That's not a lot of information. More modern ECUs prefer actual throttle position information. This allows the ECU to give better idle control and respond better to very light throttle inputs, as well as faster response to throttle changes throughout the range.

Basically, it works better! The new TPS plugs straight into the stock wiring harness, and the FM adapter bolts to the side of the throttle body. It couldn't be easier. The FM has all the necessary wiring on board. Not for use with the simple stock ECU.

miata itb tps

We've found the non-OE knockoffs to be of questionable reliability, so that's your call. You need BMW part or equivalent. Does not fit with an NB intake manifold. Some supercharger setups that move the throttle body to a different location in the engine bay may also experience fitment issues. Not necessary for NA6 Miatas with automatic transmissions as those cars came equipped with a linear TPS from the factory.

TPS upgrade kit for NA6. Give your aftermarket ECU a real throttle position sensor! Description Details The stock throttle position sensor on the original 1. Customer Reviews 2 item s. Click here for instructions for this part. Add to Cart.Carburettors versus electronic fuel injection EFI ; automotive fans above a certain age will be well versed in the differences.

While early EFI systems had their failings, the technology brought with it a new standard of reliability and control.

Putting Carbs On A Miata, Because It’s Awesome

By the early s, the vast majority of vehicles were sold with EFI, and carburettors became a thing of the past. The Mazda Miata was no exception. Shipping init featured not only multiport fuel injection, but also a distributorless ignition system. Consisting of two coilpacks in a wasted spark configuration, with computer-controlled timing, the system was quite advanced for its time, especially for a budget sports car.

A man by the name of Evan happened to be one such individual and decided to do just this — scrapping the EFI system and going with a retro carburetor setup. It was around this point that this I got involved, and mechanical tinkering ensued. Those building for higher power levels will usually replace the ECU, injectors and fuel pump in time, but the general architecture of the system is kept intact. This has the benefit of both reducing intake restriction for more power, as well as greatly improving throttle response.

Given the restrictions inherent in the standard intake and air flow meter, there are significant gains to be made here. Additionally, such a setup can increase induction noise considerably, which is a big plus point to those who enjoy the symphony of a naturally aspirated engine.

Obviously, fitting carburettors to a car never designed to have them takes some doing. This means that modifications to both the fuel and ignition systems are required in order to pull off the modification.

The work required has been documented by Norman Garrett, in the Mazda Miata Performance Handbookfrom the era when print still reigned supreme pages The first step is to remove a whole bunch of hardware that is no longer required. The original intake manifold, intake piping and air flow meter are all removed, as they are not compatible with the carburettor install.

With that done, the carburettors can be mounted to the engine. This requires a special manifold designed specifically for the application. Mazdaspeed manufacture a suitable part for both the 1. To solve this, a fuel pressure regulator must be fitted that is specifically designed for carburettor use.We set this up straight away after opening our account, as we may have forgotten otherwise.

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1.6 Miata Vtps install

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Below, let's get an early glance at the full set of lines and nail down some predictions. NFL Week 10 Schedule, OddsLuckily for bettors, the divisional game to start the stretch looks timid. On paper, the Seattle Seahawks shouldn't have many problems with the Arizona Cardinals. Russell Wilson's team has looked good on the road this year at 2-2 (the losses coming against Aaron Rodgers and Marcus Mariota, which are acceptable), squashing that particular narrative.

This has to do with the Cardinals more than anything, though. The team has four wins on the season, but said marks in the victory column have come against:Those are not great wins, and here's the kickeronly one of those games had a final by more than a touchdown margin and two needed overtime.

These Cardinals aren't doing anything particularly well and are down one of the league's best running backs in David Johnson, not to mention starting quarterback Carson Palmer. The Seahawks have won four of five, the only loss over the span being a three-point affair. Wilson keeps excelling behind a poor offensive line and is up to 17 touchdowns and six interceptions, while his defense boasts 23 sacks and eight interceptions while only permitting 18.

This would be a scarier line if the Cardinals were healthy, but they instead boast an inflated record and help create a matchup ripe for bettors to take advantage of while starting the week off right. It's an odd season when bettors can count on a three-win Chicago Bears team for a good payout. Injuries again play a huge factor here, as the visiting Green Bay Packers are not only playing on a short week after a Monday game but won't have Aaron Rodgers on the field to counteract a borderline elite defense.

The Packers have now lost three in a row with Brett Hundley under center, who is up to one touchdown and four interceptions. Over the span, the Packers haven't scored more than 17 points in a game. The defense simply hasn't been able to compensateMonday's 30-17 loss to the Detroit Lions saw the eventual victors control possession for more than 36 minutes. That's a big red flag the Bears won't have problems exploiting at home. The team is much better than its 3-5 record indicates after getting hot in the wake of switching to rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

The Bears have won two out of their last three, and their defense ranks 11th at 207. So it goes when a front seven boasts one of football's most dominant forces in Akiem Hicks and a budding elite pass-rusher like Leonard Floyd. Defensive lineman Akiem Hicks has already tied a career high with seven sacks. Cornerback Kyle Fuller is actually looking like a first-round pick. It's a mismatch without Rodgers under center to swing the pendulum back in the other direction.

Again, it's an odd season when you can bank on the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 10. The Jaguars get to beat up on the visiting 3-5 Los Angeles Chargers.

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As if the travel alone wasn't bad enough, the Chargers rank 31st while coughing up 135. On the other end of the spectrum is a 5-3 Jaguars team atop the AFC North and boasting three wins over their last four outings, each a blowout.

And the rushing attack happens to be a strength thanks to rookie Leonard Fournette, who even after missing the team's last game has 596 yards and six touchdowns on a 4. Getting a 23-7 win against the Cincinnati Bengals with the team's best offensive piece missing speaks volumes to the firepower behind one of the league's most unexpected runs. The defense is a big part of this with 35 sacks and 10 interceptions while allowing 14.

This isn't meant to suggest the Chargers don't have a chance. But veteran Philip Rivers isn't going to have long to throw in the face of such a stout defensive front, and Fournette and the Jaguars shouldn't have a problem controlling the game flow and cruising to another win.

Stats courtesy of NFL. Odds according to OddsShark.