Klark teknik 1176 manual

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klark teknik 1176 manual

Taken out of service from a university audio visual dept in prefect Comes with power cord not pictured. The following return policy applies. But not the shipping or packing materials charges. You will be responsible for return shipping costs and insurance if applicable. Any loss or damage incurred during transit shall be for the account of buyer and he must be the one who will file claim against carrier.

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Can Klark Teknik’s 1176-KT win the clone wars?

Some cosmetic wear as shown in pix. In fine working condition when pulled from closing film post In storage since then. Cosmetic wear as shown in pix.

In fine working condition when pulled from closing film post studio. In storage Works fine,plays fine,clean some minor scratches,comes with power cable volt We leave positive feedback to all our customers, and we block all not happy members that are not giving us the opportunity to make them happy. Standard shipping cost in USA 48 states only. No personal emails please. View seller's other items. Taxes,or shipping charges are the buyer's responsibility!

We love to combine ship! So please make your purchases then wait for your invoice from us so the correct shipping rates will be on there! Klark Teknik Always kept in a professional environment. Two channels of full function compression.

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This unit had xlr and trs inputs and outputs. A power cable is included. There are a few minor scuffs and scratches due to being racked. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

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Klark Teknik manuals

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Shopping Basket 0. Shopping Basket Shopping Basket. Compare Products. Delete all. Klark Teknik KT ratings. These are other customers' choices: Customers who looked at this item have bought these:. Available immediately. Available immediately This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Standard Delivery Times. Related Products. I've had both units for a short bit of time, but for what it's worth, I think they're truly fantastic! The knobs all feel pretty damn good, the VU meter is great and the whole thing just feels like it could survive quite a beating.

Compared to most s I've tried, the KT76 does feel a BIT more clean than what you'd expect from a character compressor, but there are some subtle qualities it brings out from sound, especially if paired with a solid mic and preamp.

Cons: It is worth mentioning that while the unit performs very well, it can get a bit noisy. Another thing I'd like to mention is that for those who don't know what a fixed threshold compressor is, this might be a bit of a pain to learn, since I couldn't really find anything in the manual to indicate that. Overall, I'm very happy with my KT76, and would recommend it to absolutely anyone.Excellent place to work with.

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Klark Teknik 1176 - All Buttons-In Mode

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Taxes are charged in the following regions either by the seller, per their tax policy, or by Reverb as a Marketplace Facilitator:. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use.By Audio Technology. If your hand was forced and the chips were down, you could split a mic signal three ways by using two analogue multicore systems with parallel outputs, to connect three consoles FOH, Monitor and an OB truck to each mic.

This is akin to using two XLR Y-splits connected together. Joining the cables in this manner electrically connects the three consoles together, raising safety issues, causing grounding problems and incorrect loading on the microphone.

klark teknik 1176 manual

More gain is required at each console to compensate for the extra load, and high frequency energy will be lost with long cable runs. A way around this is to use an isolating transformer, but even then, the extra load on the mic will remain. The best way to split signals is with an active split system like the Square One Splitter reviewed here. With two electronically-buffered outputs and one electronically-buffered and transformer-isolated output for each of the eight inputs, you can rest assured that each console connected will receive a quality source signal.

The Klark Teknik SQ1 Splitter has two sets of parallel duplicate inputs on the front and rear panel, providing a handy way to patch quickly. These feeds also feature Pin 1 isolation, ensuring there no ground loops. An adjustable gain stage is used to amplify the mic signal up to line level in 5dB steps, then you can insert a 30Hz high-pass filter and solo the signal to the headphone socket.

This is the output level of the two sets of connectors on the rear panel. The Square One Splitter also has a surprise up its sleeve, sporting the ability to function as a way Media Splitter for press feeds.

This allows a mono mix from a console to be fed to the 16 XLR outputs on the rear panel, providing an audio mix for cameras and news reporters etc. This incorporation of two products into one will please many — both a press box and active splitter use essentially the same components, so why should two separate products be purchased when they can be combined?

klark teknik 1176 manual

The SQ1 Splitter needs mains power to function, and for that, the internal switch-mode power supply can automatically deal with anything between V and V AC.

Phantom power is not passed to the mic inputs from any of the console connections. Instead, if phantom power is detected on any of the 16 rear output connectors, then phantom power is energised on that channel, illuminating the LED on the front panel. There is also a switch for each channel if you need to apply the phantom manually. Complete with a well-written manual and a three-year warranty, the SQ1 looks the goods.

I used the unit on a couple of shows to split audio into an in-ear system. Your email address will not be published.Historically yes, but in a recent interview they told us they intend on releasing more recording products and effects in the future.

We also wanted to know more about their relationship to Midas and Behringer, stablemate brands under the Music Group umbrella. And which clone will triumph? In the video below, Klark state that the KT has Midas input and output transformers, which is encouraging. We can assume this means: how can we make this cheaply yet get close to the trademark sound? Time will tell.

The Warm Audio WA76 is proving successful, but there is room for improvement. The KT costs Can Klark Teknik can pull it off? It will need to hold its own against fierce competition, though, as Klark Teknik are late to market.

I think this video also hints at the entry-level target group, with an overview even your mother would understand. For a better experience on Gearnews, we recommend JavaScript to be enabled. Approximate reading time: 2 Minutes. Most reacted comment.

Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Douche McBags. If you continue surfing the site, you agree to the use of cookies.Great review, impartial and objective.

At least someone is trying to do an unbiased comparison review between these two items. HOWEVER: 1] You should have employed 4 or 5 sine wave signals and compared scope printouts from a standard bench Tektronix scope using identical settings. Um, er, you do not have a signal generator or scope Not even a cheap one? Come lads, if you want to be professional you actually have to do your school work. Good records, are not that easy to make. Why do the original Parlophone pressings sound better than modern pressings?

Eg, their transformers kick butt. Do not discount the better toroidal power transformer. However, there are clear cost-cutting shortcuts taken in BOTH designs. Really, the power supply should be put into a separate chamber at the back of the unit. This is standard top-drawer design practise and there is plenty of rack room. The Klark design, mounts sub miniture pots directly on the circuit board. The pots are inferior and will not last as ling as a full sized pot of quality.

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WORSE, such a direct mechanical connection from pot to circuit board invariably loosens in time and the pots will need re-soldering, or more often, replacement. NO, the front chassis will NOT completely isolate the pot's movement and friction over time. Heck -buy two and still come out waay ahead. As for comparisons to a 50 or 60 year old Pultec version, it cannot be done fairly as ALL transformer insulation breaks down with age; —often with pleasing results.

It does not last, however.

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But, try telling that to the owner of a Strat! Remember, PUPs are also transformers. Good Luck. Brought to You By Proworkshop. Pages Home About H. Email This BlogThis!Also See for WA76 discrete compressor Manual - 28 pages. Page of 2 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Thanks for purchasing a WA76 discrete compressor! This manual provides.

Enjoy your new sound! First off we invite you to experiment with your WA76 by selecting different Ratio settings, and by trying the "All-Buttons in" mode pressing in all four Ratio.

The "All-Buttons in" mode acts more as a limiter than a compressor and achieves a very high compression setting. All settings on the WA76 other than the Meter settings contribute to different compression and limiting characteristics. Some suggested starting points could be.

klark teknik 1176 manual

Placing the Release function to its. Input Knob - This determines the level of the signal entering the WA76, as well as the compression threshold. Higher settings will result in increased. Output Knob - This determines the final output level of signal leaving the WA Once the desired amount of limiting or compression is achieved with the. Attack Knob - This sets the amount of time it takes the WA76 to respond to an incoming signal and begin compressing. Having too fast of an attack time.

Both of. Release Knob - This sets the amount of time it takes the WA76 to return to its initial uncompressed level. The WA76's release time is adjustable from If the release time is too fast, "pumping" and "breathing" can occur due to the rapid rise of background.

On the flip-side if the release time is too slow a loud section of the recording may cause compression to occur and continue.

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Ratio - These four buttons determine the severity of the gain reduction. A ratio offor example, means that whenever there is an increase of up to 4. A ratio of means that any time there is an increase of up to. When higher ratios or are selected, the WA76 is limiting instead of.

Please note that higher Ratio settings also set the compression threshold higher. Meter - The four buttons under the Meter label power the unit on or off and determine what the WA76's front panel meter displays.

The VU Meter. Input Pad - This switch sits on the backside of the unit near the inputs. When engaged it lowers the incoming signal by db. This feature is handy when. When sending a loud line-level signal into the WA76 input. Inputs - 2 inputs are provided on the backside of the WA76 for flexibility. You can. These inputs can be used simultaneously but note that having both connected at the same time could create unwanted noise if one source is not. Outputs - 2 outputs are provided on the backside of the WA76 for flexibility.